The world is in turmoil

We face an overarching need worldwide for efficient development of leadership qualities. We are in the midst of severe, solution- and action craving scenarios. How do we face reality, the complexities, horrors, defeatism – not allowing a 3 world war and yet strive for sensible results and purposeful and meaningful products as well as careers. Recent developments in neuroscience grants the potential for rapidly developing leadership effectiveness.

Neuro leadership is an emerging scientific field for leadership development that directly takes the physiology of the brain into account. The state of our globe proves it is time we use the substantial and significant “hard science” evidence provided by neuroscience and psychology on relevant and applicable organizational practices. Neuro leadership engages people. I summited and survived Everest May 10 1996 – utilizing brain self-programming. I have been passionately promoting Neuro Leadership since.


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