Donald Trump is an absurdity

Aren’t we all? Donald Trump, demagogs in our past, could not be what they became – without masses of supporters. The state of our globe clearly proves that the human genetic desire to follow “someone” – instead of taking charge of our own lives – leads to disruption, chaos, war and break down in the complex institutions we have created to sustain world order.

UN, EU, The war against terrorism – Brexit, just to mention a few cases – that we MUST learn from. It seems as if we as humans – have a tendency to look for guidance and project our wish for solutions onto entities outside our sphere of influence. Probably a solution in the beginning, but at some point these institutions become complex and closes in upon themselves and stops delivering the solution to the problems they were meant to solve.

No human being is clever enough to hold the most powerful position in the world. Why do we sustain this position? What is it in our attitude towards our existence that makes us willing to wait for someone to lead the way? Ignite mass movements that becomes extremely powerful?

I claim it is high time that we as humane, educated race develops new ways of governing on the globe. We must question the matrix – probably a reminiscence from old times, when humans needed some “God” as regulator of the uncontrollable.

We ought to have outgrown the dysfunctional  illusion, that someone are capable of governing our destinies-for the greater good of mankind. As mature, educated populations it is high time to ? the fundamental construct of leaving too much power to any single – human individual or institution.



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