“Are you in the world to change the world?

Let’s make it happen and have fun!

Respected Sir/ Madam, Some individuals are in the world – to change the world. Are you – or would you be revitalized by discovering how you can make a difference? As well as learn how to start a movement in a new direction? Are you sometimes disappointed about life and leaders? Have you resigned a little, getting by, but still able to dream of something different? Lene Gammelgaard is passionatelyamazoncover-rettet– yet humbly dedicated to motivate as many of us to make a difference in our own lives through her Keynotes and books. Leaders hire her to gain deeper insight and crucial tools to install “Decency Leadership”. In “To the Summit and Safe Return”, the extended special edition of the bestselling book, Climbing High, Lene Gammelgaard outdoes herself yet again with a captivating narrative that takes you through an emotional roller coaster. “To the Summit and Safe Return” is a brilliantly and expertly written book about a brave woman’s journey to Everest. The narrative combined with Lene’s innovative brain programming, nuggets of wisdom, advices and keynotes encourages and enables one to look beyond the normal existence so as to achieve an extraordinary life. This book is relatable and applicable in all life circumstances when one is faced with existential struggles and problematic circumstances. Visions, emotions, dreams and hopes will be re-imagined and tested, so buckle up and get ready to be taken around the world in the comfort of your home as you read this revolutionary writer’s experiences. Lene takes us through her journey from Denmark to the highest mountain in the world in this captivating read. She gives all the raw details as to what is required, the dos’ and the don’ts and the mental and emotional preparations in addition to the physical, for one to reach the peak of both real and metaphorical mountains. As the reader, we start the journey with her from the foot of the Everest through the rough winds, course terrain, snow, oxygen deprivation, and body part numbness due to extreme low temperatures, loss of both her friend and fellow climbing colleagues to reaching the peak and to the descent. Through this book, we are able to live vicariously through an experienced mountaineer’s life through which we learn about the secrets to endurance and mobilized brain programming so as to overcome any and all obstacles in your business and personal lives. The book gives a rare insight in the life altering influence of Scott Fischer and Anatoli Boukreev, two “larger than life personalities”. We request you to preview this new book and also order a copy via Amazon. We will do our utmost to assure that an association to collaborate will be beneficial to both you and your company. Lene Gammelgaard will be available for Keynote Speaks, “Ted Talks” and your clients can order as many copies of Lene’s book as they might wish to at any time anywhere in the world. “To the Summit and Safe Return” might be the solution for clients and organizations searching for a “last minute” special gift for their business partners. This book is a contribution to life betterment. We give it forward – to impact the world.

Yours sincerely

Hakeem Kymani

Human Innovation