2017 – another disruptive year? Guaranteed!

We will be subject to the inevitable impact of Trump becoming president in USA. I call Obama’s “thing” – “decency” and am passionately pursuing the momentous power in this inner core. Our world needs us to expand our decency as a counter movement to superficiality and greed. A genuine long term strategy for betterment of our world. Let’s start a decency mass movement and have more fun!”

–    Lene Gammelgaard. ”  

Inspired by the state of our Globe, I am passionately expanding the quest for Decency Leadership through Human Innovation.  I develop Keynotes, seminars, programs for leaders, organizations and individuals to become daring enough to expand the authentic, decent part of our selves. In order to create long-term sustainable success, inner contentment and joy. I am passionate about how to offer you mental tools to apply the latest cutting-edge insights of neuro-science and the successful hands-on strategies from summiting Everest to get the most out of yourself and your organization?

The power of visualization is strong. When we visualize something specific, there are measurable changes in our brain. Amongst others, dopamine levels rises and we are more likely to be mobilized and take goal-oriented action with a boost of dopamine in our neural system. In Human Innovation we are focusing on the changes that we can mobilize internally in the individual, when visualizing something that makes the future more desirable.

We are on the lookout for innovative, effective ways to help our clients get the most out of themselves and their employees lives. We know that there are strong links between vision, goals, actions and the architecture of the brain. For our professional clients – as designers of their futures, this is crucial for them to be acutely aware of too. There are great benefits to empowering clients to know how to work with their brains rather than against them. We are here to facilitate our clients to re-evaluate and innovate self-directed neuroplasticity to expand life possibilities, pleasure and meaningfulness as hard working professionals in turbulent contexts.




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