Self responsible global citizenship – Envision your steps to a new way forward – as a Global Shaper

No matter where you come from, no matter what your predicaments or excess advantages, you have the choice to take on your personified responsibility and think about what you will contribute to the global way forward for as many as possible.

I am passionate about getting to the core of what made Nelson Mandela such a great humane leader…. And have synthesized it into my concept: Decency Leadership

Decency reflections: Equal rights for everyone, anywhere. Those who have excess, willingly share and innovate opportunities for those who are born without. Every thought, every action, every law, job etc. can as from now be guided by decency.

If every human being on earth implement this line of thought as from this second – it is simple to envision a new way forward for the betterment of the world.

Think about what you can do – today. Start acting now!

Simple solution to a complex problem.

Why not?

Let’s influence the darker aspects of human nature by implementing Decency Leadership as a global governance goal and guiding principle.

Everyone attending the Summit 2017 in Davos could start by donating the equivalent value of one luxury dinner to an Innovative Fund for direct implementation of initiatives for the poorest in the world. That would make a difference as well as be an example of a more decent way forward, instead of TALK.


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