Dead but not forgotten………

Larger than life personalities – keep mobilizing us, even after they die.

Sharing Mount Everest with Scott Fischer in 1996 has given me invaluable lessons about life, what it takes to ignite tremendous untapped ressources, how transforming human meetings can turn out to be.

Without Scott – no Everest and no development of Human Innovation.

Scott’s simple question to me on the Baltoro Glacier in July 1995 “Do you want to climb Everest with me in the spring of 1996? exploded a quanta jump development process within me -that has 20 years experiences later – Crystallized unique Human Innovation tools in me. I dedicate my life to share these simple insights with as many as possible.

Giving me the riskwillingness to ask “Are you in the world – to change the world?”

Let’s re-think and propel momentum through utilizing “The Everest Way” programming to expand our human potential and take action to Innovate Humans through Innovative Humans.



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