Want to discover your core-purpose in life?

Human Innovation  – “The Everest Way”

“What divides brilliant individuals and those who get to the top – is decisive quest for meaning – pooled with insistent durable determination. Individuals who generate impact in life – discipline willpower – they pause when necessary, but – Never give up!”

Lene Gammelgaard

                                                  Inventor of “The Everest Way” –  Program your brain to get to the Top

Innovation and deciphering what it takes to develop a success matrix is not restricted to a few masterminds. Urge to discover meaning, zest for reflecting, and existential anxiety are mobilizing forces to keep excavating, until our core explodes in innovative lines of attack – what we MUST pursue to be content – are inherent in all human beings. Fear, unrelenting restlessness, rummage for meaning and consistency in spite of disillusionment, is the recipe to advance our propensity for “cutting edge breakthroughs”. Innumerable times, you will be flooded by a sentiment of giving up and having failed. That’s part of the creative process. Those who take a break and push forward after a pit stop – will stand-out – eventually.

 “No one is born highly creative… Psychologists studying creativity have discovered that it is based on cognitive processes we all share. Creativity is not the result of some magic brain region that some people have and others don’t.”
                                                                                                              R. Keith Sawyer, Ph.D.

Human Innovation is usually the result of consistent frustrating effort. Thomas Edison is widely credited with inventing the modern light bulb and portrayed as a genius inventor. The light bulb wasn’t a unique flash of genius. In fact, electric “arc lights” were already in wide use for street lamps, and there was a rush to implement this technology within people’s homes. Edison’s research team tested more than 6000 different materials as filaments for his light bulbs, tirelessly experimenting to discover the perfect mix of availability, price and durability before settling on carbonized bamboo as the most suitable material. They tested more than 30.000 times, before they landed the successful results that lasted. Edison took an idea that already existed and invested the zest and resilient effort to turn it into to his great addition to society.


“The Everest Way”    3-step Process to ignite and mobilize Human Innovation

Step 1 “Give up” due to a paralyzing life situation and teething troubles.

I recurrently experience that genuine inventiveness materializes under wearisome constraints. After an existential anxiety-provoking period, defined by fatigue, fear of failure and doubt concerning how to cope and deliver – things go from bad to worse – and suddenly – you are propelled in a novel, surprising direction. The innovative process is tough. It requires time, dedication and an intentioned enduring approach. Unique clear resolutions arise when you have truly wallowed to define your “problematic” for an extended period of time. Identify which psychological restrictions you must shatter to expand your opportunities and lines for action. Implement “The will to suffer”- prepare mentally for the long haul ahead. When you start programing yourself for Innovation, you must let go of some of your habits and habitual ways of doing things and interpreting your world. Innovation is truly about acting in novel ways and your will have to discipline some trust in your own capacity to initiate life in new-fangled directions.

Don’t expect problems to solve themselves – ACT!

If you wait for the perfect vision to hit you, the perfect concept to reveal itself, or someone to “hand it” to you, you’ll be waiting forever. It takes constant thwarting brainwork to foster genuine heart-core ideas and so much more to transmute ideas into something that is truly mobilizing. When you are frustrated and flooded with negativity – START acting, it’s your subconscious pushing you to make “It” happen, keep initiating and doing whatever it is you feel pushed to do, and the novel strategy and inventions will reveal themselves – one day at the time…. It might take several years where you are moving along – doing your thing – suddenly breaking-through – and looking back, acknowledging that you have been circling around your forward concept for quite some time, without realizing. You have been on your way and suddenly your concept Stands-out with piercing clarity, simple to convert into innovative actions with persistent, focused step-by-step, day-by-day investments – from you. Just do it! ……

Step 2: Do something new! Take the first step. Change your perspective.

Oftentimes feelings of being stuck promotes you to act out of your ordinary. In 1995, I invested my last income in an expedition to Pakistan because I was stuck in life – my desperation act landed the invitation to climb Everest. Change the way you’re are a little, and you might ignite something unique. Collect idea fragments. Listen to strange music, take a walk, talk to someone, try to collect various insights that has you seeing your situation in a renewed way. Brainstorm. Rummage the internet for pictures, quotes, research papers, business cases that awakens an interest in you. Collect, keep digging one layer deeper in thinking about what that particular person, event, picture, quote – stirs  in you…. Leave it for some time and come back to what still holds your awareness… It won’t all be clear at first, but it’s important to keep collecting little pieces of the puzzle – without censorship. Read into a certain topic on Wikipedia. Browse Amazon and shop for themes you didn’t realize you were interested in. Do whatever it takes to find sparks, copy paste, write down, no matter how insignificant or incomplete. Before you know it, you’ll have a collection of inclinations to mix and match into what might become your next vast idea. After a creative process, sometimes of considerable length – it will become clear what it is all about for you and momentous energy will start pestering you until you transform that negative restlessness and irritability into action. After initiating the first step to take you out of your predicaments – momentum starts to build from within. Consistently fueled by the brutal fact, that you have no choice, but to shoot in the new direction, if you want to survive professionally in the longer run. It’s still on shaky ground and it is your inner conviction that drives you onward into the unknown, without guarantee of success or financial stability. You must labor on, in spite of doubt and occasional insight that you might be chasing ghosts. Disciplining willpower to focus on the successful outcomes to deal with sprouts of doubt and self-deflation is crucial! The will to suffer – instead of giving up when the going gets rough – It will…………..

The more you act in the altered direction, the more inventive ideas and actions will be released, sparking even more original progressive strategies and activities. Research proves that it might take 3-4 years to excavate a clear heart-core matrix – with the genuine capacity to mobilize whatever it takes – for you to – build to last…..


Step3: Thought Leadership Program your brain to get to the top – of your field.  

Unique clear resolutions arise when you have truly wallowed to define your “problematic” for an extended period of time. Identify which psychological restrictions you must shatter to expand your opportunities and lines for action. When you have excavated your unique heart-core matrix – Feast your brain on your focus and start acting – and continue acting in consistency with your narrow focus….. Do not expect a one-off easy victory. It is not going to happen, in spite of our contemporary matrix that cons us into anticipating simple solutions and easy success. Moreover, leaves us feeling like failures and losing faith in our progress, because our initiatives does not make us famous and wealthy overnight. Life is not like that.

Prepare mentally to keep “doing it” until you have accomplished what you set out to do.

Plan pauses for your brain to rewire – and then continue after your downtime with unrelenting stamina. Initiate bold action – again and again and again…..

Live and breathe “The Will to Suffer” – learning the willpower to persevere – no matter what, will get you there. Implement “The will to suffer”- prepare mentally for the long haul ahead. The innovative process is tough. It requires time, dedication and an intentioned enduring approach. When you are infiltrated with your matrix – your subconscious will steer you in unique, focused directions and your stamina will renew itself, when you allow for pauses. Your brain fires, when you act and needs to rewire during the breaks – to be capable of inventing new ideas and actions – over and over again…..

These steps and techniques have helped me discern innovative clarifications and resolutions over the years, turning “back against the wall life situations”, characterized by existential anxiety and fatigue into strokes of “creative genius” in a repeatable process. Human Innovation seems to happen in cycles. Anticipating no stop High performing cutting-edge output – will set us and our business up for failure. Innovation takes time…….

Now, when people ask me how I managed to accomplish what they perceive as so much, I say “Your choice.”


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