Want to be brilliant? Fire and Rewire….

You need a break – or your brain will burn-out.

Present reality: Your brain is at risk of becoming overwhelmed by the amount of things you need it to excel at. A real hazard as you brain is your most precious and fundamental resource you have to build and sustain your business and life.

“Always being on and high-performing” is both a malfunctioning objective and a contemporary burn-out provoking belief. Without pause, recharge, and the removal of stressor hormones in your brain, eventually the entity that drives your genius will dwindle – until it gets the downtime it needs.

Your brain require you to pay attention to its needs. Then, and only then, will your brain produce the cutting edge insights you crave for your business. Revitalized and managed with discipline, your brain will remain innovative and provide your stamina as your competitors are burning their intelligence by trying to fulfill the unrealistic demands of present working environments.

So what does your brain need? Here are a few facts about the brain that will help maximize your brilliance and innovative resilience.

Clear Focus. Direct Your Attention to the One Thing

Your brain will attend to what you ask it to attend to. If your attention is on one thing, you brain will provide insights and innovative actions you can pursue. If you do not direct your brain to attend to one objective, it will try to attend to everything in the environment and do none of it particularly well. That’s why we focus on processes to program your brain with specific, clear focus.

Stay with one task that until you’re finished before switching to another task, if possible. Your effort will be more accurate, and you’ll statistically complete your strategies more quickly in one sitting than in multiple attempts annoyed by interruptions. Focus. The less you are interrupted, the better your long-term results.

Take a Break Every 50 Minutes

The adult brain needs a recharge every 50 minutes. Set an alarm that tells you to get up from your deskand rest your brain cells. You will find yourself more productive for a longer period of time by doing this. And eat a little to recharge your blood sugar. That’s how the Navy Seals endure.

The “Clear Focus – Do Less” Rules will change your Life

When you look at distraction theory and what multi-tasking does to your work quality, you’ll see that you’re actually only getting about a quarter of the work done that you think you are. Plus, your IQ dips at least 10 points when you’re doing multiple tasks.

The rule is this: One hour of focused time equals four hours of distracted timeDistractions is interruptions throughout the day, as well as trying to do two things at once—multi-tasking.

While we CAN do two things at a time, we shouldn’t. When you need brilliance, do only one thing at a time. When you do two things, your brain is literally quick-switching between the two, lowering the quality of both. Attend to one thing at a time when it’s important to have high quality, high performance and deep satisfaction.

The way to be more productive is to do less. The brain-friendly mantra is: Focus – Do fewer things, so that you can do them better. Schedule at least two 50-minute focus times a day where you work on a project that is devoid of interruptions from phones and walk-in distractions. Go hide yourself somewhere.

The toughest but most profitable business growth tactic is to discover your unique Focus and Let Go of everything else. In order to truly deliver worth-while input to your customers and to produce growth, search for “your” business model, that forces you to become very honest about what you do extraordinarily well – then focus only on that.





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